Nanoscience studies phenomena and manipulation on the atomic and molecular scale (nanometers: i.e., one billionth of a meter). Important properties such as the electrical, optical and mechanical properties are determined by the way molecules and atoms assemble into larger structures on the nanoscale.

Nanotechnology is the application of this science in new nanomaterials and nano - concepts for new components, systems and products. Therefore, nanotechnology will provide us with the ability to design custom-made materials with any property we require.

These newborn scientific disciplines are situated at the interface of physics, chemistry, material science, micro electronics, biochemistry and biotechnology. The master Nanoscience & Nanotechnology of Grenoble is a 2-years integrated program with a  strong research backbone and an important international outreach, providing a top quality multidisciplinaty education in nanoscience and nanotechnology. The key assets of master N2 are:

With these key assets the master N2 offers the best opportunities to continue in PhD with a strong multi-disciplinary background, or to join industrial development in a domain overflowing with applications in practically all sectors of the world economy.


Deadlines for application

  International students:  April 30th 2015.

  Students registered in a french university: June 20th 2015

  Erasmus Mundus Nano: January 31th 2015


UJF has a predoc scholarship program focused on the 2nd year of master programs. If you apply directly to the 2nd year of master N2, you can ask for this scholarship directly in the application procedure.

Several clusters of excellence in the Grenoble area have a scholarship program focused on students who choose their master thesis subject in their research institutes.

Read more on scholarships here.